no more than 3 pages assignment for organizational communicational business movie assignment 1

List of movies to choose from:

  • Remember the Titans
  • We are Marshall
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Coach Carter
  • Invictus
  • Blind Side
  • The Intern

For this assignment, your analyses need to do the following for the movie you select: 1) select a character portrayed in the movie; 2) present one or more of the communication theories/models/frameworks from this course, in detail (NOTE: Using more course material as opposed to just common sense improves your grade); 3) using the materials from 2) above, explain why the character was an effective or ineffective communicator; 4) finally, using the materials from 2) above, discuss what the character could have done differently or better to improve the quality of his/her communication.

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Your written analysis needs to follow these guidelines: 1) use double-spaced Times Roman 12 font; 2) have no more than 3 pages of text; 3) acknowledge the sources of your ideas or any direct quotations through the correct and appropriate use of citations or footnotes; 4) be sure to carefully avoid plagiarism or anything resembling it.

here is the course chapters:( that i studied in this class) ( if you want me to send you the slides of any of these let me know)

Planning Spoken and Written Messages

Preparing Written Messages

Communicating Electronically

Delivering Good-and Neutral-News Messages

Delivering Bad-News Messages

Delivering Persuasive Messages

Understanding the Report Process and Research Methods

Organizing and Preparing Reports and Proposals

Designing and Delivering Business Presentations

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