neuroscience writing assignment

a summary of the article i will upload as we as the rubric for this assignment. the rubric is very straight forward and there is no need for other references or quotations. 2 to 3 pages not including title page.

this is the rubric:

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  1. APA Title page
  2. Copy, paste, and then put in APA format the abstract of your chosen paper.
  1. Type DIRECTLY UNDER the paper’s abstract the complete and correct APA reference citation of the chosen paper. Begin the summary directly under the reference citation, keeping in mind APA format. this is the URL (
  1. Write in paragraph form.Use good grammar and sentence structure. Intelligible writing. No or very little use of quotes. Do not number your sections to answer these questions!
  1. LOGIC: State why the study was conducted. Why does this topic matter to us in the big picture of neuroscience/biopsychology?
  1. State the hypothesis or multiple hypotheses being tested.
  1. List and describe the Independent and Dependent variables.

  1. List and describe what the method was (very briefly for each experiment).
  1. List and describe what the result was (for each experiment).
  1. List and describe what the author(s) concluded.A conclusion is NOT a result; it is a conclusion BASED on the results.
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