mkt 312 week 1 discussion and response

“Purple Cow” Please respond to the following:

  • Read Seth Godin’s 2003 article titled “In Praise of the Purple Cow”.
  • In Godin’s article, he discusses how ideas spread. Based on the logic explained in the article, describe how a product currently offered by your employer (or another organization with which you are familiar) could be improved from asking two (2) new questions; what would those two (2) new questions be?

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RE: Week 1 Discussion


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In Godin’s article “In praise of the purple cow”, he discusses how ideas spread. Godin states “You can’t be remarkable by following someone else who’s remarkable.”, by this he means you must be a leader or if the business already has a huge market find a remarkable way to sell your product or service.

The company I work for is a 3rd party that handles utilization management for health insurance plans. There are many departments within the company including a call center, finance, quality assurance, and marketing. The overall purpose for the company is to handle prior authorizations for procedures and services regarding radiology, cardiology, physical therapy, chemotherapy, etc. Therefore, the company must sell their service to health plans and gain them as a client to stay in business.

The first question I’d ask regarding improvement of service is “How would the company remain remarkable and not become boring?”. There have been many changes and growth within my company over the past few years from merging with another utilization management company, gaining more clients, and recently being bought out to one of the largest insurance companies in America. Most of the business relies on the call center, the agents are the front line. Is the customer service exceptional? The company must have remarkable ideas to make sure the customer service experience is superb. Also, I would ask “What can be provided to current clients to maintain their loyalty and also to gain the attention of potential clients?” There will almost always be competition and right when someone believes there isn’t, someone will come behind them with the same product but more innovate ideas. Businesses must never get lazy and comfortable just because they have majority share for the market they’re in.

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