managerial economics paper 4 pages 1

The first should be four pages long.

– Standard paper instructions; double spaced,
– 12-point Times New Roman Font,
– 1″ margins.
– No outside references are required, but if you use them, reference them using APA style.
– Title page with the topic and your name

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The topic of the paper is fairly open; I want you to discuss how to apply what we’ve discussed about demand (Chapters 3-5) and how they apply to a particular company (or a particular product from a company).

Please pick one company, and put yourself in the position of analyzing that one company (or advising that one company on what decisions it should take, or what information it should collect).

Obviously you aren’t going to have specific numbers, but you could indicate what information you would be looking to collect, what you might use to predict the demand (for instance), what results you might expect from the estimations, and how you would make decisions using that particular information.

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