listed below are several transactions took place during first two years operations law firm

Listed below are several transactions that took place during the first two years of operations for the law firm of Pete, Pete, and Roy. Year 1 Year 2 Amounts billed to customers for services rendered $ 170,000 $ 220,000 Cash collected from customers 160,000 190,000 Cash disbursements: Salaries paid to employees for services rendered during the year 90,000 100,000 Utilities 30,000 40,000 Purchase of insurance policy 60,000 0 In addition, you learn that the company incurred utility costs of $35,000 in year 1, that there were no liabilities at the end of year 2, no anticipated bad debts on receivables, and that the insurance policy covers a three-year period. Calculate the net operating cash flow for years 1 and 2. (Net cash outflows should be indicated by a minus sign.)
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