Journal Article Analysis of Phone use

Analyze the given Journal article. I already uploaded the article to the files, which named “Cell Phone Use and Stress, Sleep, and Depression Symptoms”.

This assignment should put answer into a worksheet, I already uploaded the worksheet. Please directly fill the answer into that worksheet. (no paragraph needed.)

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Also I uploaded the instruction in PDF, The Rubric form for using. Then, I uploaded some additional help for helping you how to identify journal article components.

Learning Objectives: 1) Identify the components and characteristics of primary scientific research. 2) Analyze scholarly, scientific research articles in the field of health and wellness. 3) Describe how the main findings in scientific research apply to personal and public health and wellness.

Instructions: For this assignment, you will find, read, and analyze a primary scientific research article pertaining to our current unit of study. Choose a scholarly, scientific article from the options provided, and then type your answers to the questions in the worksheet provided. The boxes in the provided worksheet will expand as necessary. Read with a pen and a highlighter in your hand (or the digital equivalents of these if you prefer to read PDF articles). Please refer to the rubric below for more specific details on assignment expectations. If you have any questions while completing the assignment, please feel free to reach out to your teaching team through Canvas Inbox for additional help. You must use the provided worksheet to complete the assignment. Please do NOT type your answers in a separate document or attempt to make a new worksheet. Fill in the boxes directly into the .docx or .pdf worksheet file provided.

Components of Primary Scientific Research: There are five main sections common to all primary research articles. If an article does not have all of these sections, it is not a primary research article. Each journal has its own particular formatting rules, but all primary research articles will contain these sections: • Abstract—a short paragraph at the beginning that gives a summary of the article. • Introduction—it may or may not be labeled “Introduction,” but it is the first section and it describes the problem being researched. • Methods—a description of how the research was conducted. • Results—the data collected during execution of the research study. • Discussion—a description of what the results mean, what contributions to knowledge are made by the research, how the research compares to prior studies, the conclusions derived from the research and, hopefully, how the research’s findings can be applied to “real life.”

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