Job Analysis

The job analysis assignment includes a full job description, a salary range for this job, an ad to recruit candidates, interview questions, and a selection “test” to determine the final tier of best candidates for the position.

Please review the RA2 instructions and upload all of the elements.

Research & Analysis: RA2

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Assignment: Job Descriptions, Employment ad, hiring rate, Interview Questions & selection tool.

Overview: This assignment requires students to complete 5 elements:

1. Prepare an effective job description

a. To accomplish this assignment, students should think of preparing a job description for a position they are familiar with. Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles at: for possible leads and content in building your selected job description.

b. Your job description should include:

i. Job title

ii. Job statement (brief statement of job scope and accountabilities)

iii. Essential functions (job duties)

iv. Job specifications (job requirements)

2. Determine an appropriate starting pay range

a. Identify a starting salary rate for your chosen position for your zip code using free information on

3. Compose an employment ad

a. Prepare ad copy for your job as it might appear as an employment ad in or in the San Antonio Express News. Remember, your ad should be considered an opportunity to market your company and job opportunity. Note, a job description is not an employment ad.

b. Consider what information one must know in order to determine interest, job fit, work site, and a method for applying/requesting information. Your ad can include fictitious information for this exercise.

4. Prepare a series of interview questions

a. Prepare 5 high value interview questions that will determine which among candidates you will recommend for a final interview.

b. State the purpose for each question asked.

5. Recommend a “test” or other selection device appropriate for use in the selection of preferred candidates for the position.

a. Identify any “test” or other selection tool you might consider in the selection process.

i. Example: hairdresser

1. Strong Career Inventory (assess if this is the right career choice)

2. Observation: is candidate well-groomed? “trendy”?

b. Describe how you would “validate” a tool’s reliability and validity.

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