intelligence cycle

This assignment will require you to take an in-depth look at the intelligence cycle, which is a process that establishes a coherent framework for performing intelligence analysis in both government and private sector organizations.

More information on this topic can be found via the following webpage:

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In a 2-4 page report, please describe each phase of the intelligence cycle in your own words, providing a practical example that relates to each of the phases listed.

Ex: Planning – provide an example of a specific intelligence requirement
Ex: Collection – collect data from internal telemetry sources such as net flow, PCAP, email filtering, etc; collect data from external sources such as ISAC’s, vendor reports, blogs, etc.

Ex: Feedback – provide an example of a procedure for reviewing intelligence products before they are published

You are encouraged to perform additional open source research on the different phases of the intelligence cycle to better comprehend this topic. Please provide a list of all external sources (URLs are sufficient) on the last page of your report.

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