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The concept of ecosystem services is increasingly used as a way of putting equivalent monetary value onto the functions and products that ecosystems provide for human society. This video produced by the California Academy of Sciences provides a short description and explanation of ecosystem services in relationship to species richness and biodiversity management:

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Notice that the video makes a distinction between “direct,” “indirect,” and “aesthetic” ecosystem service types. Describe what each of these terms mean in your own words.

Next, think about your recent laboratory exercise sampling the species richness and evenness in two habitat types on the Stetson campus:

1) a manicured lawn habitat in the center campus quad;

2) the Volusia sandhill restoration site near the Gillespie Museum. What, in your opinion, is the most important ecosystem service provided by each of these habitats? Give a good (but brief – as in no more than a sentence or two) rationale for the opinions you express.

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