improve my research paper

Improve my essay as required, there should be 5 reference cited in the essay, and you need to pick 2 from 5 references to write summaries, each summary is about 150 words. The RESEARCH PAPER is about 1300-1500 words.

It is a Expository essay.

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Keep the citations under 25%

The first draft of essay is attached at the end.

You can change some parts of the essay to make it fully explained and fulfill requirements.

TOTAL/ 100


There is a proper heading1

There is an interesting title centered1

The first lines are indented1

The paper is double spaced1

The paper uses correct font, size, & margins1

Punctuation and mechanics20

There is appropriate punctuation (ie. periods, commas)5

There is appropriate capitalization (ie. I, proper nouns) 3

There are no spelling mistakes5

There are no fragments, run-ons, or comma splices6

There are no contractions (n’t, ‘s)1


The essay stays on topic4

The essay contains 3 body paragraphs which discuss a different aspect of the topic 5

The essay follows the rules of the essay type (ie. counterargument/rebuttal for Argument)6

The essay contains a strong argument/clear explanation10


The essay has a strong thesis statement (included topic, controlling idea, and 3 subtopics)4 

Each body paragraph has a topic sentence4

There are 6-8 good supporting sentences per paragraph4

There is a solid introduction (including hook and connecting information) and conclusion (including restatement/summary and final thoughts)4

The student uses transitions and signal words appropriately4

Grammar and sentence structure30

Subject-verb agreement /tenses used correctly6

Articles, plurals, and prepositions used correctly7

Uses a variety of coherent and formal sentences, including compound/complex sentences10 

Academic language used appropriately7

Negative Effects of Global Warming on Food Production

A picture called “above the polar bear” was awarded in 2018. In the picture, the polar bear struggled to jump between ice floes to survive. People cannot help but pay attention on why the living environment for polar bear is so terrible. Research found that global warming is an important factor for polar bears’ terrible living environment. Global warming is a phenomenon related to nature. It is due to accumulation of greenhouse effect, which lead to energy accumulate in land-gas system, rising the livestock and fish.

Global warming will have negative effects on crops production. Water cycle will be directly affected by global warming, resulting in droughts or floods in some places, and the production of crops there will decline. In addition, rising temperature of the world will cause increase of weeds and pest, further leading to reduced crops production. 

Global warming will not only have negative effects on crops production, but also on livestock production. Global warming will negatively affect livestock’s health. The appetite of livestock will decline under the situation of global warming. If livestock do not eat enough food that they need to grow, livestock’s bodies will be smaller, and the production will reduce. Moreover, more and more farmer will find that single livestock production will reduce, their economic benefits will reduce and costs will increase, fewer farmer will raise livestock, further resulting in the reduced production of livestock.

Except livestock production will be affected by global warming, the production of fish will also be negatively affected by global warming. With rising temperature, the temperature and acid rate will also increase, making the living environment of fish much more terrible. Some fish can not suit changed water environment, they will die in a few decades, resulting in reduced fish production. Furthermore, rising temperature of water will make some fish which prefer to stay in cold sea area move to further northern sea area to share limited food and space with fish which origin in northern sea area, resulting in some fish do not have enough food to eat and eventually die. Fish production will also reduce because of this reason.

Global warming will lead to some extreme weather, such as droughts and floods, increase in pest and weeds, harm on animal health, no enough food and living environment for fish, finally causing the reduced production of global food.

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