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i need essay for the 2 questions below the quality of your thesis statement, clarity, organization will help me understand and the strength of your arguments and explanations. 600-700 words each essay.

1Q.How revolutionary was the American Revolution? In other words, how much had changed (and for whom), and what had not? In your answer, consider some of the following: geographic boundaries of the new nation, new or changed political and economic opportunities as well as the influence of the idea of “liberty” or freedom (used by Americans during the revolution) on class status, slavery and servitude, religion, women, Native Americans, and the influence of this idea on other rebellions or revolutions. State your thesis and defend it with specific information from course readings/lectures. Note: your answer may extend past the end of the war, but should only go as far as material/dates (approximately 1830 or earlier) that have been addressed in class and assigned readings. Use at least two primary sources AND information from the textbook/lectures. Documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Abigail Adams, Enslaved People’s Petition, U.S. Constitution, Tecumseh, Belinda, and Hector St. John Crevecoeur will be most helpful as well as information from the PBS film on the Haitian Revolution as a point of comparison.

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2Q. Americans like to think of their country as a “land of opportunity.” To what extent was this accurate during the years 1700 to 1815? In developing your answer, consider differences among the various colonies/states/regions, the perspectives of people of different backgrounds (in terms of sex, class, race/ethnicity (e.g., Native Americans, African Americans, Germans), and/or religion (Puritans, Anglicans, Quakers, etc.), and consider how opportunities may have changed over time (e.g., rise in the free black community/expansion of slavery, end of indentured servitude, etc.). While you should cover the entire time period, do not feel the need to cover all groups/locations/ideas. Use the textbook and at least two primary source documents. Documents such as the Dec. of Indep., U.S. Constitution, Gabriel Thomas, Equiano, Mittelberger, Belinda, Hector Crevecoeur, and Tecumseh are most relevant. The PBS film on the Haitian Revolution may be used as a point of comparison.

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