i need help to write 2 page about individualized education plan iep

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

The goal is to develop specific parts of the IEP for an elementary school student.

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According to Smith (1998), the IEP consists of seven main parts:

(a) identification or specification of the problem; (What is the student’s disability and why do you think the team agreed on this)

(b) analysis of services; (What does this student need)

(c) the placement phase; (In which setting will the student be placed)

(d) instructional decision making; (Services, Goal, 2- Objectives, A&M, SAS) and

(f) program evaluation.

Students need to use these steps or framework to create an IEP for students with special needs.


the main gaol is

By the april’s 2.2019 the students will be able to recognize different elements story as measured by comprehension question with 80% accuracy .

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