i need a writing help for one of project mentioning the description below and attaching the support documents

Attached Files:

  1. Compare and contrast the cloud definitions that differ from the NIST definitions and Identify the NIST standards. The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing
  2. What are the NIST cloud recommendations? Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations
  3. What are the key security and privacy issues? Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing

To download the files click on the blue hyperlinks they are also attached to this assignments.

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  • Use proper APA
  • Abstract
  • Body (minimum 500 words)
    • In-text citations
  • Conclusion
  • References

An excellent way to ensure that the paper is organized and all questions are answered is to use them as Headers (centered)

Cloud Computing Definition (centered)

Content (left aligned)

Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations (centered)

Content (left aligned)

Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing (centered)

Content (left aligned)

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