hw accounting

1) Provide me with a description of less than 500 words of the accounting topic for your paper. You can choose any current topic in the areas of financial, auditing, fraud, or managerial accounting. Please select a topic that interests you. This description is due to me by July 10th.
2) Review current articles (within the last two years) related to your topic from the top practitioner accounting journals such as the CPA Journal, the Journal of Accountancy, Internal Auditor, the FASB Website. Select and provide to me the references for 10 of these articles that you will use for your paper. This listing of references is due to my by July 15th.
3) Provide a bullet point outline of your paper. This is due to me by July 17th.
4) Provide to me an executive summary of your paper of approximately 1,000 words. This is to to me by July 19th.
5) Provide to me your paper by July 26th. The paper should be approximately 4,000 words.
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