Human Resources Discussion




You are an HR associate at the Large Technology Corporation (LTC). As LTC has recently experienced rapid growth, your division manager, John Leicke, has approached you to help create a performance evaluation system for LTC. In your meeting, he explains that the current performance evaluation process varies by department and does not have buy-in from employees. Managers feel that the existing process requires too much time to implement. In general, employees at LTC also feel the system is too general and leaves too much room for subjectivity within the evaluation from managers.

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To address these issues, John has asked for your assistance in creating a performance evaluation proposal. This proposal should address the perceived issues in the current system and should provide guidelines for creating an effective performance evaluation system. Additionally, John has asked you to develop job goals and performance standards for the customer service department at LTC and to provide strategies for intervention or remediation based on employee scenarios.


Create a performance evaluation proposal and a performance evaluation sheet for John Leicke, the division manager of the human resources department at LTC. John is asking for your help in pitching this new system to upper management at LTC. He has asked for your advice on how to effectively communicate the need for this plan and the elements of an effective performance evaluation system.

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