homeostasis an analogy 1

In this assignment, imagine you head outside to catch the bus on a Fall day. The weather is sunny so you do not bring a jacket. Suddenly clouds move in and the temperature quickly drops. You feel very cold. Based on this scenario, answer the following:

  • Describe in your own words the homeostatic mechanism that regulates body temperature.
  • Explain how your body will react to maintain body temperature.
  • Describe the stimulus, receptors, integrator, and effector and the tissue types involved in the body’s response.
  • Be sure to identify and describe at least two physiologic responses that will occur to help maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Identify whether the homeostatic mechanism is a negative or positive feedback mechanism.

Your paper should be between 250 and 500 words, unless otherwise specified by your instructor. Read the Homeostasis –

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