hi need your help

requirement:1. On the third page of the spreadsheet there is a framework. We need to analysis both Coach and Gap according to this framework. There are five column in the framework, each column have 4 to 6 branches as well. There are already lots of company data in the spreadsheet but you still need to use the excel to calculate some important data like WACC, FCF, etc. You can find the formulas in the forth page. Please use the cells to the right of the data to make calculations, or you can add rows in the ss to make calculations. I’ve already make some calculations in the spreadsheet, you can add more as you need but please change the font color of all the numbers and comments you put in the spreadsheet like I did. And then put all the analysis in the second page(written comments)

2. Please write down your recommendations after the analysis. (which to “buy” and why?)

3. The work will be grade according to the grading rubric. 

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4. Please read through all the pages especially the first page of the spreadsheet so that you will have a better idea of the whole case.

Thank you.

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