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Suggested Written Format (SWF) for 1stAssignment

Paper due 1/30/2019

1st Assignment due is 1/30/2019

Write 2 full single-spaced pages on the subject matter listed below. Use 12 Fonts and single-space. You must have a cover sheet indicating your name, course title and number, date assignment is due and assignment number.

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You can use your textbook and any other references.

Here are topics to discuss:

  1. What does hospitality mean to you?
  2. Discuss the five (5) componentsthat make-up the scope of the hospitality and tourism industries.
  3. Discuss any five (5) characteristicsof the hospitality industry?
  4. In your own words discuss what hospitality means to you.
  5. What is meant by a company’s “Corporate Culture”?
  6. What is meant by intangible within the service or hospitality industry?
  7. What is Inseparabilitywithin the service or hospitality industry?
  8. What is perishability within the service or hospitality industry?
  9. What is heterogeneitywithin the service or hospitality industry?
  10. Tell me something that you feel is uniqueto the service industry?
  11. Discuss the Disney Service model.
  12. What is needed to achieve success in serviceand how do you think the service industry can improve?
  13. What is meant by the “moment of truth” or Principles of Service?
  14. How can a manager in the service industry manage demands?
  15. What are some of the keys to delivering good service?
  16. What are some of the challenges a manager may face in managing a service business?
  17. Is the hospitality industry a career you may like to pursue? And why?
  18. What service company do you feel exemplify “outstanding service”?
  19. What does “SWOT” stand for?
  20. How can managers monitor or evaluate service results?
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