Global business essay

There have four discussion, you don’t need to write to much, but each one should write at least 5 sentences. The fourth discussion need to at least one paragraph.

1. Globalization has its proponents and detractors. Please define Globalization and its affect on International Business. Give an opinion on the negative aspects of Globalization and give an opinion on the relevancy of the negatives. What are the positive aspects of Globalization and what is the relevancy of the positives. Consider the cultural and wealthaspects of Globalization as well as the business aspects.

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2. Please describe Free Trade in a global environment. Also, define the Smoot-Hawley tariff. What was the United States’ international trading situation when the Smoot-Hawley tariff was initiated (not when it was passed)? What was the result of the Smoot-Hawley tariff on the US trade picture and the US economy? Who are the winners and losers in international trade? Discus the positives and negatives of a government placing barriers on international trade.

3. From before the days of the sailing ships countries have engaged in international trade. Please give a brief history of International Trade and describe some Trade Theories to include Mercantilism and Comparative Advantage. Explain the positives and negatives of International Trade. Define who does better and who does worse because of International trade. Give an opinion of what would our lives be like without International Trade.

4. International Business has its proponents and detractors. State the benefits and negatives of international business. Give an opinion about how international business affects the lives of people around the world, both in the undeveloped countries as well as in the developing and developed countries. Consider employment and standard of living.

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