Fire Prevention and Control through Housekeeping

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Housekeeping is a fundamental safety strategy to prevent and control fires and explosions within facilities. For this assignment, read Tuttava: A participatory method to improve ergonomics and safety through better housekeeping (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., which is available through ERAU’s CRCnetBASE database. Your ERAU username and password are required to access this eBook chapter. After you have read the article, complete the following assignment. Once you are done, access the activity link, and submit your assignment.

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You are the Director of Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) at USJets, a mid-sized business organization that designs, manufactures, and sells mid-sized business jets. You have decided that you want to implement the Tuttava method to improve housekeeping within your organization’s facilities, as fires and employee injuries have increased over the past two years. Analyses of the fires, worker injury investigations, and inspection reports point to diminished housekeeping over the past few years.

Draft a letter to John Johnson, Chief Operating Officer (your supervisor), explaining that you are about to begin a new housekeeping initiative within the organization’s manufacturing facilities using the Tuttava method. Within your letter, provide a summary of the Tuttava method to improve housekeeping, discuss how this program will aid in preventing and controlling fires (be sure to include some discussion as to how this addresses the components of the fire tetrahedron) within your organization’s facilities, propose and provide a time frame and implementation agenda for the program, and provide a justification for using the method.
Use the following file naming convention:

  • Last Name_FirstNameInitial_Module#_ActivityName
  • Example: Smith_T_Module2_Assignment_II

For your letter format, visit Purdue Online Writing Lab’s page on Writing the Basic Business Letter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Write your letter using block format.

Review the Assignment II Rubric before submitting your assignment.

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