find article thats quot interesting quot or offer a controversial or discussable issue


This is an ACADEMIC course so all articles must be from a national or international news source, like Al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press (AP), PBS, etc. Many major media sources have a “Religion” section, this is fine.

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These do not have to be within a certain time period, other than being relevant to the world today. They can be “good” or “bad” news. They should be “interesting” or offer a controversial or discussable issue. And look out for covert or hidden issues that can reveal themselves once analyzed. Gender is often never mentioned in things that are gendered, either in power relations or differences in experience.

You need to read these articles carefully AND understand all sides of the issue. You will put down the URL (and double check it for availability) at the top of the page. Then you will note AT LEAST the 2 opposing sides of the event/controversy. Just a couple of sentences for each. If your article seems unbalanced or biased, that should be noted as another point as wlel.

YOU will turn in a typed Word doc with the article’s title and then URL after it, as an attachment to an email that is in response to my email to you.


Any source that is from a particular religious site/paper/church/etc. This includes any online source that is ONLY about religion, even if it claims to be unbiased. That would be like going to a religious document to look up general history.

Op Ed pieces or blogs. These are opinion pieces, not news pieces.


  • Found an article that interested you and has a debatable argument
  • Made sure it did not fall in the DO NOT USE category
  • Wrote some thoughtful sentences about the controversy
  • Made sure the Title of the article and the URL are first on the page
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