fast writing 30 min assignment

Write me a 150-200 word review – against the clock – of the award winning short Logorama.

The film is 16 mins long. Take no more than 25 mins for this assignment.

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Because the film is highly visual, you’ll need to include descriptive elements in your review. Write for someone who hasn’t seen it, so they can visualize it. And because this is a review, I also want to know what you make of it.

You are welcome to add in information from other sources online about the film. This will give context and, perhaps, additional points of view.

NB: I won’t be counting the words – this suggested length is to show that I don’t want you to turn in a full essay, nor should it be a couple of sentences.

Writing tips

You’ll all develop, and be developing, your own approach here. I’d recommend:

1) Making some notes – typed or written – while watching. And then writing up your conclusion after you’ve finished watching it. While watching, you can also be looking up secondary sources; and sketch out the key ideas/themes you want to share.

2) Another option is to try and write full sentences and ideas while watching, but I think that’s a lot harder, especially as you’re not just parlaying someone else’s words, but needing to think about description and expressing your own opinions too.

3) Would love to hear about your approaches when we dissect the exercise in the coming week.

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