english 1302 4

For Paper 3, you will be writing a movie review. You are required to find two movie reviews for the film you are doing and use them as sources in your essay. One review should be a positive review and one review should be a negative review. Argue for one of the sides. Explain why and how the film is excellent or poor.

Rotten Tomatoes will be your best friend when searching for movie reviews. You NEED to make sure the sources you use in your essay are from “Top Critics”. When viewing a film detail on Rotten Tomatoes you will see a Tab for “Top Critics” underneath the “Critic Reviews” heading. Top Critics write for well known magazines, newspapers and websites and they tend to be more consistent in quality.

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*Assume the person reading your review has never seen the movie you’ve chosen.*

You are free to choose any film you’d like, but please make sure the film’s rating is G, PG, PG-13 or R; I will not accept essays written on NC-17 movies. It can be a movie you’ve seen before (If you choose a movie you’ve seen before, make sure you re-watch it with a critical eye and with this assignment in mind), or it can be entirely new to you.

You can choose a movie you already own, or you can go out and rent a movie, or see one in the theaters; it’s entirely up to you. Of course, I’d encourage you to see something you haven’t seen before, but it’s not a requirement for this assignment.

Here are some suggestions of movies if you’re having a hard time choosing:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

2. Dallas Buyers Club

3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest

4. American History X

5. Taxi Driver

6. Amelie (Foreign)

7. The Motorcycle Diaries (Foreign)

8. City of God (Foreign)

9. No Country For Old Men

10. Into the Wild

11. Big Fish

12. A Clockwork Orange

13. The Prestige

14. American Hustle

15. Chinatown

16. Midnight in Paris
17. Whiplash

This essay should be 750-1,000 words and include a Works Cited page for your two sources. Standard MLA format applies.

Link Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/

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