discussion question 834

You will have discussion forum questions to answer about an aspect of the course and module readings. As this is a graduate-level course, each of you must apply at least one to two marketing concepts or theories from course readings and instructor lectures and provide at least one to two original citations of appropriate literature, articles, etc. to back up your response postings for each question in this forum. APA format.

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(1) Pretend you met a person without a business background and they ask you “What is marketing?” Explain to this person in your own words, “What is marketing?”

(2) How has your understanding of marketing changed after reading this module’s required readings and watching the video Ted Talk and Spaghetti Sauce? Include in your discussion how marketing is not the same as selling and how marketing is different from other functional areas in a business (i.e., accounting, operations, human resources, etc.)

(3) Why are marketing managers sometimes called “demand” managers?

(4) Select a local business with which you are familiar. Identify a marketing problem that it faces. What marketing research steps would you recommend that would help this business solve this marketing problem? Identify and state specific types of marketing research (I.e., research on market trends, sales forecasting, product features, advertising and promotion, corporate growth and development, etc.).


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