discussion employment and mobile phones

Read what is below, choose a topic, write about it in no more than 200 words, I will give you two responses of classmates to give me no more than 100 words in each response and it can be your opinion only so no need for a citation if its your opinion. It is just a discussion but I need the best with the citations if you pick anything from anywhere. Give me the work first to give you the two responses of the classmates please.

This first discussion board starts with a rather open approach to pursuing an evolving area of employment: Workers and smartphones. Consider making a contribution on one of the following areas and responding to others’ posts. This list is not all encompassing.

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Note: If you find another aspect that has merit, you are encouraged to write about it.

Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Employees being available outside of work.
  • Workers being distracted while at work.
  • Wage issues (on or off the clock while texting with work from home).
  • Employer confidentiality concerns.
  • Employee privacy concerns.
  • Using smartphones as time cards, benefits enrollment, etc.
  • Communication and generations (text or call-in when sick?)
  • Future uses and developments of smart phones and work.
  • Performance of workers allowed to use smart phones at work.
  • Impact on applicant flow if an employer bans smart phones.
  • Are you ever fully on vacation?

The list goes on and on. . . . I encourage you to spend some time researching this topic and find an interesting area of smart phones and employment. Read a few articles and dig in. Remember, it always pleases your professors to see citations.

Also, each discussion board assignment requires one initial post and two responses to classmates outside your own initial post thread. You can review the rubric for additional information. Last, I encourage you to look at Discussion Board Tips provided in the Administration Module.

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