discussion board module 6 financial healthcare 1

My course is Financial Management of HealthCare Organizations.

Discussion Board-Module 6:

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The outside reading “Does the Strategic Plan Require Updating Because of Health Reform” tells the story of how Metro Health System (MHS) an integrated health system (IDS), adjusted their strategic plan to be effective in a changing environment for the period 2010 to 201

For our discussion, I would like you to update Metro Health Systems strategic plan for the period 2018 through 2020 using the same 13 principles of an IDS outlined in the article by comparing the significance of the measures to the current environment. Select and prioritize 3 characteristics along with 1 major initiative and 1 range of tactics for each characteristic with a brief discussion to support the importance of your choice.

Respond to at least 2 classmate (appx. 50 – 100 words).

My first classmate :

The way I understand the article is MHS adjusted their strategic plans slightly as a result of changing legislation and a shifting environment. Strategic planning for 2018-2020 will be different than planning for 2010-2013.

In my opinion, the following three areas are important for the years 2018 through 2020 because the cost of health care in the United States continues to rise without an equal improvement in quality.

  1. A geographically distributed primary care network sufficiently and adequately sized to meet the organization’s clinical care model and strategic needs.

As we all learn, primary physicians are the gateway to integrated healthcare delivery systems, and we need more primary health care professionals.

  1. Well-managed key points of patient customer access: emergency department, diagnostic centers, and primary care as the key point of specialty referral)

The primary initiative for this is to help patients understand how to navigate desirable healthcare services. Often, many do not know where to go for effective care since there are so many resources nowadays. Creating key points of patient customer access will allow individuals to access and navigate their health as they please or need.

The range of tactics for this is to work with the Board and marketing to create and share directions and breakdown of services in a transparent matter that is easily understood by all.

  1. An effective electronic network, including portals for patient access and education.

With the progress of technology, it is imperative to have patient access portals and educational sessions to ensure that the patients and staff are comfortable to access, navigating, and understanding the individual’s treatment of care and also to reduces medical errors.


Zuckerman, A. (2011). Does the Strategic Plan Require Updating Because of Healthcare Reform?

My second classmate :

For this discussion I chose the following 3 items to adjust to the Metro Health System strategic plan. MHS had a few of these steps in their previous plan and could use a little updating.

  1. A specialty services portfolio balanced for specialty demand, economics, mission requirements, clinical care model requirements, and the organization’s strategic needs

As this relates to the provider organizations themselves. Integration and alignment programs need to be based on a well-informed and objective assessment of the hospital’s or health system’s core capabilities and operating competencies in both acute and ambulatory settings. Care coordination across a variety of acute, ambulatory and post-acute settings are important as organizations begin to manage a population’s health.

To effectively offer services in a value-based environment, some form of integration with employed and private practice physicians is a core competency. Whether or not an organization chooses to pursue a formal clinical integration program, the organization should be developing the required infrastructure and competencies to support a broader approach to managing care across the continuum. Five core areas can be the focus: provider alignment, care delivery, information technology, data management/analytics and payment management.

  1. Physicians as co-managers, co-leaders, and co-governors of the organization

The service area, including the patient-population characteristics, local and national payers and the nature of the competitive environment. Hospitals and health systems should understand the mix of payers and how this mix is expected to evolve over the next decade. Additionally, they need to consider how innovative the existing payers are. Just as different providers have differing capabilities to execute new strategies, different payers have different appetites and capabilities for collaboration and innovation in supporting changes in care delivery under the new business model.

  1. Quality, safety, value transparency, and a customer-focused culture (not a “physician as customer” focus).

As health care delivery and financing shifts from a volume-based to a value-based business model, provider success will be achieved through offering services with the best possible quality, outcomes and access for the lowest possible cost across the continuum of patient care services and sites. Improved alignment between hospitals and physicians will be essential to changing the way care is delivered, enhancing patient and physician satisfaction and improving each element of the value equation—quality, outcomes, cost and access.

http://www.hpoe.org/Reports-HPOE/guide_to_physician_integration_models_for_sustainable_success.pdf (Links to an external site.)

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