Demonstrate Diversity and Inclusion in Group Therapy Essay




Develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your agency based on the inclusion of LGBTQ clients. You currently offer group support therapy in your outpatient practice. You are writing the SOP to create inclusionary criteria for LGBTQ populations in your support group services. You may use the attached example as a format for your SOP.

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Based on your readings so far, what would be a support group that would be most needed by this population? Write your SOP for this particular support group (e.g., co-occurring support group, recovery support group, survivor support group).

  • The SOP will focus on providing training for staff and will include culturally sensitive objectives, outcomes, and supporting materials needed to competently treat LGBTQ clients. This will include (but not be limited to) inclusive language, activities, and treatment interventions.
  • The SOP will include how the agency and therapists should address documentation in terms of confidentiality, informed consent, and collaboration with other providers based on clients who participate in a group setting.
  • The SOP should include how to write progress notes and what documentation is needed for group participants paying close attention to issues related to gender identity language and implicit bias.
  • The SOP should include how to write a group treatment plan.
  • The SOP should include how to disseminate information to group participants.
  • Be sure to include how this SOP follows the AAMFT Code of Ethics on the above-stated issues.
  • Conclude your SOP with recommendations for mandatory training resources that staff should participate in before they engage in any client /group treatment.

Length: 4-6 pages, not including title or reference pages

References: Use at least 4 references from this week’s readings and at least 2 other references that you read for previous course assignments.…

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