crime and family 1

Why has Crime and Family increased in the 20th century


Study Book(s) Used in Class

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(Note: study books are for reference only and can be used or not at your choice, unless explicitly stated by customer in the description field):

International criminology a critical introduction written by rob Watts, Judith Bessant, and Richard Hil.





It is important to use a citation from the book beacause it is the one i chose and gave reference to the teacher. If you know a better book please send me the info of it before hand. i have to use a citation from the book and/or an encyclopidia and/or a journal peer reviewed.


Engage in self-directed learning to find the answer to a problem or question.

Develop the assignment as a 500- to 750-word (2-3 page) research paper. Use an appropriate form of referencing (as defined and discussed in the information literacy lab).


Practice generating narrowing and developing a topic

Develop an argument

Find, present and document research to support the argument

Present ideas using academic writing style, structure and format appropriate to your chosen discipline/subject.

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