correcting financial analysis report in excel and writing a little analysis

this is the question “

Phase 1 – Company Financial Statement Analysis 

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Company. For the assigned Company, you should become very familiar with the industry (SIC), background, history and business of the company by reading the SEC disclosures describing the firm, and at least two of the general finance web sites’ discussion of the company. You should write a written Summary of Company as the first part of the assignment. This can be written in MS Excel (formatted into text pages in a worksheettabbed as history or background in one workbook sufficiently formatted to make it easily readable. Note: each student has some flexibility to do the report as you see fit. However, this report must take the form of a professional report, including proper Headings (who, what, when) and appropriate subheadings.
Financial Statement Analysis. You are to prepare a complete, as relevant, analysis of the financial statements as filed in the latest SEC 10-K filings for you company including the following:Working Capital and Working Capital Ratios (Liquidity)
Solvency & Leverage Ratios
Activity Measures
Profitability Ratios.This analysis must include not only the appropriate ratios and measures, but must include your analysis of the meaning of these analytics.
Prepare the financial statement analysis in a presentable way in MS Excel. You may decide how to present this section of the final report. However, it must use worksheet efficiently and effectively. Once satisfied with completing this requirement, it is to be submitted to Backboard submission link in Weekend 4 Content Folder, as “(Name)(Company Name) – Phase (#) Final (date).xlsx”.”

Here is what I need :
I attached Excel file, The file has a lot of information in many sheets, the sheet which I did is the financial analysis sheet, I need you to correct my solutions especially the red ones
also, I need a writing financial analysis under each section on the financial analysis sheet, it should be 3 to 4 lines
also I need you to write a Summary of Company

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