connection to sociology being sane in insane places

Relation to chapter 6: Deviance and Crime and Being Sane in Insane Places by D. L. ROSENHAN

Read:Being Sane in Insane Places by D. L. ROSENHAN

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1.) What is the main point of the article? what does the author suggest or argue about?

2.) how this reading (Being Sane in Insane Places by D. L. ROSENHAN ) links with our class material (chapter 6). Since this topic is connected to Chapter 6:Deviance and Crime, the important links have to do with the sociological perspective and sociological methodology.

3.) If the “experts” really can’t see who is insane then can they really say who is sane? Does this mean then that as with all other forms of deviance we are again profoundly influenced by society’s definition of the event or condition rather than the condition itself? Make sure that your answer is using sociology accurately and consistently. Focus on connecting using the chapter 6 materials we have covered in class in your answer.

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