complete dq below 50

Complete DQ below NO Plagiarism

Read Ch. 9 of Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being (12th ed.).

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Complete question between 90-100 words

1.Do you think that employers have the right to screen employees or potential employees to learn if they are smokers, have chronic diseases, or are overweight?Why?

Complete question between 90-100 words

2.Do you think that the low minimum wage is having harmful effects on families’ ability to thrive and get ahead? When compared to the value of the minimum wage in the 1980s (taking into account inflation) – the current minimum wage is dreadfully low. Many families are working full time and yet still struggling just to pay their bills.

Although some think that the minimum wage is mainly for teenagers and young people, studies show that most of the people making minimum wage are actually college students and parents working full time.

Complete question between 90-100 words

3.Below are two ways in which elderly people in the US may be stereotyped:

– They do not use current technology

– Aging leads to declining health

How do these stereotypes affect how we provide care to the elderly? Are there other stereotypes of the elderly that you know of?

Thus far, we have discussed ethnic and age stereotyping – do you think that there are other forms?

Complete question between 90-100 words

4.Our total health is a result of a combination of our genes, our environment, our individual choices, and our own unique chemical makeup. What are steps that we can take to reduce our own individual healthcare costs? What decisions do we make that impact whether we have high or low costs for healthcare? Can you find a source to support your opinion?

Complete question between 90-100 words

5.Why do you think that consumers are becoming smarter about their healthcare? Is there anything that healthcare organizations can do to increase the health literacy of their patients? Do you think that this can improve an organization’s profitability or sustainability?

While many are becoming “smarter” about their healthcare – there will always be disadvantaged populations – such as the very poor, those that have learning disabilities, and those that do not speak English. How can we be sure to engage with these consumers and ensure they are making wise healthcare decisions?

6.How are advances in technology and medicine enabling you to live a healthier life? Or how may they enable you to be unhealthy?

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