Changing Health Behavior Program Proposal




A Program Proposal describes the basis for a new program, who it will serve, the logistics of how it would be implemented, and how and when it would be evaluated. For your Final Project in this course, you will submit a Program Proposal for a health behavior issue, including the need for the program, program challenges, theoretical rationale, a marketing strategy, evaluation plan, needed resources, and a conclusion on the program’s feasibility. For this week’s assignment, you submit a portion of your Final Project (the need for the program, its theoretical rationale, and programmatic challenges) and get feedback from the Instructor. The goal is that you will be able to incorporate this feedback into the full Program Proposal that you submit in Week 10.

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The assignment: (5–7 pages)

  • Describe the program, the target population, and the need that the program addresses. Provide statistics supporting the need for the program.
  • Explain how the program relates to at least one of the theories discussed in this course.
  • Explain three challenges you might encounter when implementing your program with the target population
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