case study on strategic planning

Hi there, you did such great work on the European Commission and European Parliament that I’d like to ask if you could do a case study of a strategic planning theories (2250 words). It really needs someone to have an understanding of strategic planning theories and models. I have attached as much info as possible, including the case study, assessment brief, the format outline which I put together, and the slides from the information session. Basically it requires three questions answered but they need to be answered in the context of the case study. I have also attached my weekly notes. I know all of the information is in there, just needs to be extracted and researched.

1. What strategic theories will help them understand their position? (Give the most appropriate theories)

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2. What is their environment like? (macro level, industry level, market environment)

3. What is their advantage as a whole?

The case can be framed around “writing this report for the purpose of a investor wanting to buy into a minority share.

The I understand investor relation pages (such as the reports of Fortescue Metals Group on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) page) would have announcements of the company and give their strategies. Requires information on the nature and sources of Fortescues competitive advantage, the current state of play in mining industry (Australia or globally), the type of commodity and how that is going in the market today. MUST have Porters 5 Forces model and a PESTLE analysis, even a SWOT analysis.

Must be Harvard Referencing.

There are a number of electronic journal databases useful as research-based articles relevant to this assessment. The most useful include: EBSCO (particularly Business Source Complete), Emerald, and Expanded Academic (Gale). Other useful journal databases include: Wiley Interscience, ScienceDirect, and Sage. IBISWorld.

The format would need to be something like:

Executive Summary



2.1 Background of Case

2.2 Industry Background


3.1 Strategy and Source of Competitive Advantage

4.Analysis of Case

4.1 Key Theories and Models

4.2 Porter’s Five Forces

4.3 PESTLE (and maybe SWOT also)



Reference List

This is due Monday morning eastern Australian time, so would need it back around Saturday or Sunday (4 days).

I know this is a huge ask but I’m studying for a major final worth 50% that’s on this Friday and I’ve let this one slip through. Hope to hear back from you, and hope that you’re able to help. This is a final year subject so need to be prime quality, and as you know from our last interaction, I’m happy to pay and tip quality what it’s worth. Thank you, LB

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