case study 860

In this assignment, you will discuss how power and influence can be used to manage change, both in healthy and unhealthy manners. The ethics of leading with power as well as the different types of power will also be discussed in this assignment. You will also learn to describe the relationship between politics and negotiation during the process of change management being implemented by a leader in an organization. Lastly, you will discover your prevalence to certain types of power by completing an assessment on power style profile.

Read the case study titled “Opening Case: Application” in the chapter titled “Influencing: Power, Politics, Networking, and Negotiation” of your Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Developmenttextbook.

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On the basis of your case study, answer the following:

  • What sources and types of power does this leader have, and why has he had problems with power?
  • Why are organizational politics important to this leader’s enterprises?
  • Is this leader ethical in influencing others? Why or why not?
  • If you were hired by this leader to help manage change, what recommendations would you give him about his leadership style?

Complete the self-assessment titled What’s My Type of Power? On the basis of your assessment, answer the following:

  • Describe the types of power you might use as an industrial/organizational (I/O) professional.

Submission Details:

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