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Throughout this course, you will work on drafting aspects of a public policy change or a new policy within the public sector, nonprofit entities such as federal policies, your state policies, your local government policies, tribal policies, policies related to the nonprofit sector, or polices at your current or former governmental employer. This week you will submit a topic related to public administration. The topic should be a new policy or a change to a current policy that you want to recommend and are interested in researching and learning more about.

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Although it is not required, it is highly encouraged that you develop your project in partnership with an industry or organizational leader in the public or nonprofit sectors.

You will submit your topic for instructor approval. Your instructor will either approve the topic or provide feedback on your topic. If your topic is not approved, you will need to resubmit a revised topic.

Specifically, your 100- to 150-word paper should do the following:

  • Describe the topic you would like to use for all of the assignments throughout the course that is related to a state or local organization. The topic should be a new policy or a change to a current policy that you want
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