Business Law Essay Needed

Four (4) double spaced pages, Times New Roman 12pt font, APA style sources


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Part A

1.       Describe two (2) legislations that have been implemented to minimize the damage caused by oil spills.

2.       Describe two (2) measures taken to protect wetlands in the United States.


Part B

Find two (2) examples of businesses in your local community that attempt to disclaim liability for damage to or loss of bailed property (usually, the disclaimer is in the form of a sign behind a cash register, or language on a ticket stub.) Examples of businesses that typically attempt to disclaim liability for damage to or loss of bailed property include automobile mechanics and dry-cleaning establishments.

1.       Provide basic information concerning each of the two (2) examples:

a.       Names of the establishments

b.      Nature of their businesses

c.       Language of their attempted disclaimers of liability.


2.       Provide your reasoned opinion as to whether, in any or all of the examples you have discovered, the businesses have effectively disclaimed liability. Provide at least two (2) supporting facts to justify your position.

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