Business Communications Murphys Law Paper




Murphy’s Law: What Can Go Wrong, Will

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You come into the office in the morning to find a message from the executive sponsor of your project asking you to come see her urgently. The meeting begins with the usual pleasantries; “How’s your family? How’s the weather? How’s the team doing? How’s the project going?” but you can sense that something is amiss.

The bomb drops.

Due to new urgent priorities, your project budget has been cut by 25% and 50% of your resources are being reassigned. You have 48 hours to redo your project plan and present it to the steering committee.

1.  Describe the changes you will make to your project in time, scope or cost and the impact that will have on the objectives that were agreed in the charter.

2.  Include a table detailing the changes with monetary or percentage values and totals before change and after change.


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