brochure time

This is biodiversity assignment 1. This is creating a brochure. Please feel free to add picture and decorate the brochure…All instructions are listed below. Please use at least 5 references! Please if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Throughout this course you accumulated the knowledge and skills necessary to write a project proposal that presents solutions to a biodiversity problem. Thus, consider what you now know about biodiversity values and threats, sustainable development, conservation and management planning and about involving the major stakeholders in the decision-making process.

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You also practiced analytical skills (such as data analysis, research, and critical thinking) and communication skills such as writing (both crafting a popular science articles and summarizing a scientific article) and creating presentations (including blogs, multimedia presentations, and short campaigning videos). Finally, you sharpened your critical thinking skills when debating and arguing on different topics and role playing, and you practiced decision making by analyzing alternative conservation options.

In this final assignment, you will use these accumulated skills and knowledge and practice your problem-solving skills as you research and propose solutions to an identified biodiversity problem.

This discussion measures Module Outcome 1.

Consider a major biodiversity threat/issue in a specific location (can be at a county, state, or country level). Examples include, but are not limited to: water and soil pollution due to agricultural runoff, loss of habitat due to deforestation, air pollution in an urban area due to heavy traffic, reduced fish populations due to dam construction, increased flooding due to wetland draining and or dam/construction, etc.

For this assignment, you represent a community group and are proposing a sustainable approach to solving this biodiversity problem. Make sure to consider all factors and stakeholders involved and their likely positions towards this community-based proposal. Consider that you are preparing a one-page handout or poster to spread through the community. (This Excelsior OWL resource may help you better understand how to address your audience: Summarizing.)

Thus, create an informational brochure such as an infographic or a poster (PowerPoint or a free online infographic tool such as Canva ( are both good tools to make posters and infographics). Check this Excelsior OWL resource on presentations with descriptions and examples for PowerPoint: Presentations.

Your proposal presentation should include the following information:

  • Brief description of the problem (what is the biodiversity threat and how it affects species, ecosystems, but also possibly the human health and the economic system –the effects may be positive or negative)
  • Introduction of the stakeholders that have an interest in addressing or maintaining the status quo of the situation that creates the biodiversity threat
  • Perceived consequences if the problem is not addressed
  • Proposed solution (how, who, when, for how long; include also aspects of how you plan to efficiently communicate and advertise your solutions and involve the stakeholders)
  • References (five reliable sources)

Here are a few examples of infographics:

Infographics: Sustainability of a performance-based financing pilot project

Top 5 Biodiversity Infographics

SMART Project Management [Infographic]

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