book review on dead wake 1

The following outline is only a suggestion; it is not a model that you should necessarily follow for all reviews. You may find it appropriate to add, combine, separate, eliminate, or rearrange some points. Your paper should be in essay format (not showing this outline).

I. Introduction

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A. Purpose of the book
B. Author’s qualifications and viewpoint

II. Critical summary – analysis – not just a shorter version of the book.

A. Thesis of the book
B. Summary of contents, indicating how the thesis is developed (Use examples. While this will generally be the longest part of the review, you should make sure that your paper does not become a mere summary without critical analysis.)
C. Author’s use of evidence to support the thesis and secondary points – AVOID using numerous direct quotes as fillers.

III. Style and presentation

A. Organization of the book
B. Writing style (word choice, paragraph structure, wit, readability, length, etc.)

IV. Conclusion

A. Historical contribution of the book (How does the book fit into the prevailing interpretation of the topic? Does it break new ground? Does it answer a troublesome question? Does it revise older interpretations? Does it merely clarify and simplify the standard point of view? You may need to consult other sources when considering this point.)

B. Overall worth of the book (Would you recommend it? For what type of audience would it be best suited? Did the author accomplish the intended purpose?)

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