automated people mover coming to lax in 2023

writ 5 pages and PowerPoint about ( Automated People Mover Coming to LAX in 2023 )

writ very very simple as high school

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it has to be done in simple writing as second language . using a simple vocabulary only because i will do a presentation for the PowerPoint

I upload a file example for PowerPoint


The report should answer following questions:

1- What is case study – describe briefly about its significance, who were involved, what went wrong, and why it is important?

2 – Why it is important from ethical viewpoint? is there any ethical dilemmas and who are persons that experienced ethical dilemma?

3- was the conclusion from the case study? Did the case study led to new changes (laws policies made)?

4- What you learned from the case study? If you face the same situation what the steps you will take to solve the ethical issues

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