assessment test 2


  1. Match the term with the correct definition.
    political Islamism
    A. Ideology aimed at supporting the concerns of the people.
    B. Ideology stressing nationalism, power, authority, and defense of the “little guy”.
    C. Ideology promoting involvement in politics as part of a group acting together for national purposes.
    D. Conservative ideology focused on classic liberal themes of limited government and individual rights.
    E. Ideology advocating limited government, low taxes, economic liberty, and free markets.
    F. Ideology based on a certain radical interpretation of the Islamic or Muslim religion.
    G. Radical version of socialism calling for rejection of capitalism and private property.
    H. Conservative ideology emphasizing use of military power abroad to promote democracy.
    I. Ideology advocating little to no government.
    J. Ideology drawing on classic liberalism emphasizing tradition, authority, and experience in political decision-making.
    K. Ideology criticizing liberalism’s view of markets, capitalism, and which believes free markets lead to inequalities and conflict between rich and poor.
    • Textbook: Parsons, C. (2017). Introduction to political science: How to think for yourself about politics. Boston, MA: Pearson

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