apply contemporary organizational behavior theory and research to the analysis of an organization and its work life

The project will be in the manner of a “deductive inquiry” by observing behaviors and events from a place of employment (or if not employed, a previous type of position.), and then analyzing them from the perspectives of the organizational behavior and management theories.

Write a Problem Statement & Organization Description

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You must first observe a problem (issue), behaviors or events that simply interest you, then, write up a description of your topic or problem along with the type of organization you are writing about, its size, your position, your relations with others (co-workers, supervisors, subordinates), and the ‘spatial’ relationships (physical surroundings).The Problem Statement & Organization Description must be typed in 12 inch font (preferably Times Roman or Ariel), double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides, and have a target of 4 pages. It also must include a cover page and peer reviewed sources to support your points and conclusions.

**I’d like to focus on retail store turnover and frequent management changes. Possibly looking at how to build more loyalty to the organization and effects on turnover.**

*Retail store such as Lowe’s Home Improvement or Home Depot and the position being upper management such as an ASM or Store Manager.**

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