analytical paragraph 2

Watching the Walls in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” Identifying strands. The narrator offers multiple descriptions of the wallpaper in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper.” What exact words and phrases are used by the narrator to describe this paper? Make lists (with page references) of the evidence you find and then group it together in categories or “strands” of your choosing. For example, the wallpaper is said to “irritate” (p. 78, 80), “provoke” (p. 78), and “infuriat[e]” (p. 84). These three words could be grouped together to say the wallpaper is annoying (strand) to the narrator. Next, write a paragraph(s) briefly mentioning all the major strands, but focusing on ONE strand that you find to be the most significant, interesting, or puzzling. What does the chosen strand reveal about the narrator and her relationship to her environment?  Note: For this question, the lists of evidence should be provided, but should not be included in your word count. Your paragraph should, however, contain in quotation marks the evidence from the story you are using. Do not put your strand names in quotation marks unless they are direct quotations from the story. 

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