150 words mini essay

Friday 19th October, 12noon

Engagement Portfolio, ex #2: Annotated Bibliography Exercise (part 1) 10%

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Submitted via CANVAS as a single word doc.

Write an annotated bibliography entry for any peer-reviewed journal article or book chapter written by any of the scholars explicitly mentioned by name, by N. Katherine Hayles in her chapter: ‘How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis’ which you were required to read in Week 1.

For advice on how to structure your annotated entry, please follow instructions in the document “What is an Annotated Bibliography?” on Canvas.

Your choice of article or chapter should be led by your own interest in an aspect of Hayles’ work, for which your chosen author specialises in. For example, some of the researchers she mentions are working in the field of comparative media studies; some are working in the digital humanities; others in librarianship and archiving, education, neuroscience, philosophy, geography, or machine learning. These are all very different disciplines and approaches to what are, fundamentally, similar problems associated with connectivity.

This exercise should total no more than 100-150 words.


I am attaching you this file which I handed and I failed 🙁

also the file what is annotated bibliography.

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